NeighbourLink is a faith-based ministry provided by a network of volunteers from participating Christian churches in the tri-municipal area. This network provides a “one stop” resource centre to render assistance to people called “neighbours” who have a wide variety of needs and have no other means to get help. NeighbourLink is a “last resort” serving neighbours of any age, gender, level of income, religion, ethnicity or place of origin.

NeighbourLink-Parkland does not receive any financial support from government but depends entirely on donations from the participating churches, some community service organizations, individuals, appreciative “neighbours” and an annual fund raising event.

Time and Talents required to respond to the various requests for assistance are provided by the volunteers from the participating churches. Over the years, St. Augustine's has provided annual financial support to NeighboutLink, with many of our members being neighbours, board members, or both.

The central resource centre, staffed by one full time and one part time paid person, receives the requests, usually by telephone. The request is then fanned out to coordinators from each church whose responsibility is to find a suitable volunteer.

An “emergency help closet” is also provided by NeighbourLink with the supplies being donated by the churches and individuals.

The telephone number for the central resource centre is 780 960 9669.

The present NeighbourLink coordinator/liaison from St. Augustine’s is Bev Orieux