Anglican Church Women

The Anglican Church Women are a very active group of committed women who serve the parish and community through fundraising, hospitality, and outreach. The ACW hosts the Spring Tea, the Christmas Bazaar, and many other events at the parish.

Meetings are scheduled for 1pm on the second Wednesday of each month, in the church hall. Exact dates are noted in the online church calendar. All ladies are welcome to attend and have fellowship after the meeting is finished.

The ACW's Foster Children

In addition to hosting events and donating proceeds to fund church needs, the ACW sponsors two foster children as part of its outreach efforts.

Originally, our ladies sponsored children in Dr. Graham's Homes in India a number of years ago, joining with other ACWs in our region. Then, around 2001, the St. Augustine's ACW began to sponsor a child on its own, as well as continuing with the group sponsorship.

The ACW's current foster child is named Natasha and she is in grade six. Betty and Ciara write to her a couple of times a year, including stickers, postcards, and bookmarks with the letters. Unfortunately, mail coming from Natasha has been very slow. In 2012, her school was damaged during earthquakes and has slowly been repaired. Natasha lost her father during the time of those 'quakes, but we're not clear on whether they directly caused his death.

The child the ACW co-sponsors with other diocesan ACWs is Anjali and she is about three or four grades ahead of Natasha.